Best Fake Bell & Ross BR 03-94 AeroGT Chronograph Replica Watches

Bell and Ross Replica-af You may have noticed that we are all on the Best Bell & Ross Replica BR 03-94 AeroGT Chronograph Replica Watches collection this week. After all, who have not spent their childhood creating cars inspired by jets, and imagining a world in which they could exist. Seriously, how much fun B & R must have worked on the AeroGT – and extend the concept into two very cool watches. We’ve already looked at the three-handed BR03-92, but so far we’ve only given you an overview of the chronograph with our 60-second video. Now it’s time to focus a little more.

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Let’s get right to the point. This Replica Bell & Ross BR 03-94 AeroGT Replica Watches is all about the dial. Or rather, the absence of it. The skeleton dial is at the heart of the AeroGT’s appeal. Rather than opting for something ornate, Bell & Ross went for a more brutal approach, with lots of straight lines and machined finishes. It’s an effect that is entirely on the brand, and reminds a racing team removing all the superfluous elements of their car in an effort to reduce weight and increase performance. And in case all weight savings are not enough,Fake Bell & Ross has added some quicker details – chronograph indicators and date arrows. Pretty elements that break the otherwise monochromatic color scheme.

If the dial is cool, the case is classic Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Replica Watches – its square case inspired by aircraft dashboards that only adds to the industrial look of the dial. Thanks to the shape, the AeroGT is wider than the measurement of 42 mm, which is very comfortable thanks to the short legs. The chronograph pushers and crown fit seamlessly into the case design, the red start push-button and matching crown tube add a quick extra touch, while the four bezel screws (functional) serve as cherries on the top.

The detail continues to the thick, padded rally-style Bell & Ross replica watches Calf Watches with its red piping accents. It has a slight vintage feel, which is a bit of a contradiction to the ultra-modern appearance of the watch. But although I should have expected to see a rubber and leather combo instead, the rally strap actually works.

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