Tasting the V7 factory is a detailed evaluation of wearing a Fake Breitling transoceanic double calendar

peaking of the brand of Breitling, many fans will think of GF’s Breitling, which is the best factory currently done by Breitling Replica. Like the Blackbird Avengers, the Breitling Ocean, etc., they are highly regarded by watch fans. Time is the GF factory’s Breitling, of course, the GF factory’s Breitling is currently the best to do Breitling, but the styles are sports swimming style, there is no formal style yet, today’s watch to introduce to you This is the style of the Breitling, the following is for everyone to evaluate, how to do it.

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Overall, V7’s Replica Breitling Ocean Series Weekly calendar watch work is really good, simple and straightforward is the problem of the version and color difference, this V7 Breitling Ocean series of mold making, materials and crafts are Completely made according to the real thing. The watch measures 43 mm and has a thickness of 12.8 mm. The case is made of 316 steel and has a very high metallic gloss after polishing.

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The V7 factory’s Fake Breitling Ocean Series calendar is known as the First Class watch. The entire watch is made of 316L stainless steel CNC, and the calendar dial is blue in color without any errors. This color is very difficult to reconcile, and it is not easy to make it. The sapphire mirror on the mirror surface and the imported sapphire cover are very transparent and clear. With a double-layer anti-glare coating, the reflective effect is very good, so it is easy to read the time.

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The calendar of the dial and the LOGO scale seem to be quite good. It is also the same as the genuine one with a three-dimensional LOGO. The font of the calendar is the same as the original replica watches no deviation.
The pointer is designed with a sword-shaped long three-pin, and the hour and minute hands are also filled with luminous materials. The special feature of this watch is the week display at 12 o’clock. It has a fan-shaped curved metal frame with a white background with blue and white characters. It can be easily read in the week, very good design!

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It can be seen that it is convex outward from the side. The mirror material is made of high-quality sapphire glass mirror, and the permeability is very good. This is called a pot mirror, and the effect of polishing is very bright. It feels very smooth and very delicate. The engraving of the Breitling replica watches logo at the top of the head is also quite good, and the three-dimensional feeling is quite good. The curvature at the lugs is also very good, slightly downwards, this design will fit the wrist more, the lines look smoother.
Tasting V7 factory is wearing a hundred years of transoceanic double calendar detailed evaluation

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The bottom cover is designed with a dense bottom, which once again adds a similarity to the Breitling perfect watches Ocean series. The bottom cover is also very good. Whether it is the bottom cover or the lettering on the bottom cover, it is very hard. The group in the middle of the bottom cover has not yet been honed, and here it is angered with everyone. Finally, let’s talk about the V7 Breitling Transocean series movement is a 45 movement, the function is synchronous original, accurate and stable.

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V7 replica Breitling watches strap is made of imported French cowhide, the front is dark blue, the background is ink yellow, and it is also very consistent with the original color. The strap is very soft, you can see the fine particles on the surface of the strap, fully fit The wrist is very comfortable. The details of the buckles are also very good. After many upgrades and modifications, the three-dimensionality of the logo and the brushed feel of the niece are very impressive.

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Summary: Most of the Breitling fake watches is a diving, or time-sports watch, the formal table is still a rare sight, if you like a formal table friends can try, this dress table, done very well! Movement stability and reduction are still very high

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