Evaluation of AF Cartier Replica blue balloon series 33MM women’s watch true and false contrast

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Hello everyone, I am a watch that focuses on popularizing watch knowledge, true and false comparisons, disassembly evaluations, and video evaluations.Cartier replica watches For everyone’s play table avenue all the way to fill the pit, refuse to fool with the most fair and objective attitude to evaluate each watch. Want to know more about brand information Baidu search: Tang watches

When it comes to Cartier’s blue balloon, the first thing that comes to mind is the V6 factory. In this brand, the V6 is also incapable of instigating. No matter what versions have appeared on the market before, it is inconspicuous, and today’s watch is for everyone. I came to the market for the latest medium-sized blue balloon made by AF factory!Cartier perfect watches This is the first time the manufacturer tried to use the same Cal.076 movement as the original!

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Cartier’s blue balloon series has always been known for its exquisite style and elegant style. Love is like the iconic convex gemstone version of the watch. The diameter of 33mm is exquisite and petite, and it also reflects the feminine elegance of the slim wrist. The dial design of the round balloon uses the rounded curve just right. The pink dial, which is difficult to reject, has a guilloché pattern on the dial that gives the dial a layered and refined finish. Elegant and stylish, it matches the elegance and femininity of women. Today, let’s take a look at the true and false contrast of this AF Cartier Replica blue balloon series 33MM powder women’s watch, see what is different from the genuine.

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This Cartier blue balloon series 33MM powder plate women’s watch’s top replica version produced by AF, some time ago has been focused on the re-enacting Longines series AF this time suddenly put a super bomb out, “boom” Shocked the entire replica market. It has always been strict with the Swiss watch standards. AF’s work on this Replica Cartier blue balloon series 33mm watch is naturally not to be underestimated, and the Cartier original Cal.076 movement is also equipped in the movement. This also perfectly solves the problem of the “opening cover fake” problem of the Fake Cartier blue balloon. It is not called the super god.

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As a whole, the size and color of the watch are the same, and the two watches are put together, which is really difficult and difficult to distinguish. The straps are made of stainless steel,replica Cartier watches and the 33mm exquisite and compact dial fully demonstrates the elegance and generosity of the ladies.

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The mirror is made of high-pass sapphire glass mirror that is exactly the same as the original one. It can see all the details of the inner dial in clear and clear, and it is natural and simple to read.
The thickness of the case is exactly the same as the original, both 10 mm, strictly controlled by the AF watchmaker,Cartier replicas for sale ensuring the authentic quality whether it is the case curvature or the grinding work. The head blue crystal gems are also the same as the original standard, without any difference.

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No matter whether it is the size of the shell or the workmanship, there is no difference between the product and the workmanship. The workmanship can be said to be the ultimate in re-engraving. By comparison, it can be seen that the lettering on both the screw hole and the bottom cover is quite consistent with the original, and the font is clearly visible. The original Cal.076 calibre used in the movement AF is completely consistent with the original. Whether it is the movement of the movement or the mechanical parts, it is completely identical,Cartier best replica watches and it is no longer afraid of “opening the cover”.
The strap is made of 316 steel. Both the size and the brushing and polishing work have achieved a sense of quality. The buckle work is also finely crafted, and there is no difference compared with the original.

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Summary: By comparison, it can be seen that this AF Cartier fake watches blue balloon series 33MM powder plate women’s watch has reached the highest standard of re-engraving in both appearance and internal details. AF’s Cartier dial, hands, and spinel, including the movement, are all the same as the original. This is a replica watch that can be interchanged with genuine accessories.fake watches Being able to enjoy the authentic quality at the most affordable price is indeed a watch that is highly recommended. If you like it, don’t miss it.

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