Elegant and distinguished MK factory Jiang Shidanden heritage series 85180 watch

Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest and longest-running watch in the world. It only produces more than 20,000 pieces a year. Its cross mark on the dial like the Swiss national emblem is already taste and status. And the symbol of wealth. In 1755, the founder Jean-Marc Vacheron and later member Francois Constantin, with his foresight and watchmaking craftsmanship, finally became the first in the world of humanities and talented watchmaking, and took the lead in setting up the human spirit. The history of the famous Vacheron Constantin Replica. After 243 years of time to wash, now, Vacheron Constantin is synonymous with “time”, and it is an irreplaceable wrist art in the eyes of the watchmakers.

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The Patrimony heritage series has always been Vacheron Constantin’s most famous collection, and it is also the most popular collection for collectors. Because it blends the unique essence, excellence and exquisite craftsmanship that Replica Vacheron Constantin has cultivated for more than 250 years, it also symbolizes perfection and elegance, which is the true meaning of Vacheron Constantin’s recognized brand connotation. With its unique rounded case and timeless classic design, the collection completely inherits the purest tradition of fine watchmaking.

The “Maltese Cross” is the mark of Vacheron Constantin, which was originally a precision gear used to adjust the spring tension in the hand-made watchmaking era. Only use it to symbolize superior craftsmanship and hand-made watchmaking traditions.

Classic big three-pin, simple disk,Vacheron Constantin replica watches rose gold case, overall design, high-end atmosphere is the first choice with formal wear

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The Fake Vacheron Constantin classic time scale and English letters are printed at 12 o’clock, and the words “SWISS” and “MADE” are printed under the 6 o’clock hour mark, meaning Swiss made.

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The movement adopts the self-produced 2450 movement of the 9015 modified Jiang Shidantan, which will be accurately displayed to the extreme. Through the sapphire crystal glass transparent watch back cover, it can feel the vibration of the swinging hammer and the movement. The buckle lifts the hand and lifts the wrist to reveal the high-pressure luxury luster. The pin buckle is simple and convenient,Vacheron Constantin perfect watches and the perfect combination of simplicity and classics is easy to use in any occasion.

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Summary: Vacheron Constantin’s heritage Patrimony watch, whether from the design concept, design style,replica Vacheron Constantin watches or from the craft and function, is a continuation and reservation of the essence of Swiss traditional mechanical watch. This heritage collection is both simple and practical.

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