Ceramic black and white double N factory 4130 movement Fake Rolex Ditong take the watch review

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Gallop on the speed of the track, every second counts, chasing honor. As the so-called “missing, a thousand miles”, for professional racers, speed and time are the two weapons they are on the track. Obviously, the speed depends on the configuration of the car and the driving skills, while the control of time requires the use of a chronograph between the wrists. The Rolex Replica Cosmic Daytona series (DAYTONA) is a chronograph designed for professional racers. It was first introduced in 1963 as a benchmark in the chronograph and symbolizes the precision and pursuit of racing athletes. durable.

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The Rolex Cosmic Daytona series (DAYTONA) has always used a steel bezel and engraved with a speedometer to make it easier for the racer to drive while timing. Due to its outstanding performance and elegant appearance, the Daytona series has become another important watch of Rolex. At the 2016 Basel exhibition in Switzerland, fake rolex unveiled the two new black and white two-tone models of the Daytona watch. The biggest innovation is to abandon the stainless steel bezel that has been used in the past and switch to the Cerachrom ceramic outer ring, which not only shows Rolex’s extraordinary creativity, but also keeps the bezel long and shiny, practical and Ornamental.

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N factory gods ~ original structure 4130 Di Tong take pure original mold, the movement is perfect clone, all functions are consistent with the original, the thickness is exactly the same. 1. Full-featured timing, chronograph hour and minute hands are all available. 2. Pull out the head and only one gear. 3. Clockwise and synchronous. 4. The balance direction is consistent with the original,Rolex replica watches two-way winding 5. The accuracy of the time is now perfect. .

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The white dial is neat and elegant, with a three-dimensional pointed hour markers on the panel, a rod-shaped pointer in the center, and three small discs. Among them, the 2~3 o’clock direction is a 30-minute chronograph, the 9-to-10 o’clock direction is a 12-hour chronograph,Rolex perfect watches and the 6 o’clock small disc is the second hand display. Under the central pointer is a prominent red “DAYTONA” English logo, which is famous all over the world.

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This Daytona uses a deep and elegant black dial with a black Cerachrom ceramic bezel to create an integrated color scheme. The outer ring is sturdy and secure, the type is non-rotatable, and the speed scale and scale are engraved.replica rolex watches The racer can calculate the running time and average speed of the vehicle through the tachometer scale on the dial and the combination ring.

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The screw-in waterproof crown is provided with buttons on both sides to control the chronograph hands, which can be used as long as they are loosened. The 2 o’clock position button is used to control the start or pause of the chronograph hand, while the 4 o’clock position button controls the chronograph to zero.rolex replicas for sale Remember to press the chronograph zero button in the case of a pause to avoid damaging the movement. .

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The enamel steel case measures 40 mm and has a thickness of 12.6 mm. The side is round and full,rolex replicas for sale and the lugs are smooth and round. The bottom structure is constructed with a screw-in bottom cover on the back, and the self-made CAL.4130 multi-function chronograph movement is built in N factory. A three-row chain of stainless steel straps, born in the 1930s, is the most widely used of the Rolex watches. The hao-type insurance discount is equipped with a 5 mm easy-to-adjust link extension system. This patented technology can easily extend the strap by 5 mm and is easier to wear. The hour, minute hands and hour markers are coated with a layer of white fluorescent material that emits a blue glow in the dark, improving the visibility of the watch.

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Summary: As a hot model in 2019, these two Daytona chronographs not only perfectly inherit the unique design essence of Replica Rolex, but also show the speed of the racing athlete’s wrist speed and deductively. Black and white charm.

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