PF factory Fake Patek Philippe grenade dress sports and leisure are matched

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Patek Philippe Replica originated in Geneva, Switzerland, and was founded in 1939 by Anthony. The first work of Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut collection was launched at the Basel show in 1997, and the 20th anniversary of 2017, so the brand launched the Aquanaut Ref.5168G to celebrate the 20th birthday of the collection. The fans are affectionately called “grabs”! Today, the watch will bring you to enjoy the PF’s Patek Philippe Replica Grenade!

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This fake Patek Philippe has two models, large models and oversized models. Suitable for different men’s wrist widths. The domestic public price is about 160,000 yuan, and many people start to scream at the sight of this number. Why is stainless steel with rubber belt so expensive? This series was also launched in 1997, called Aquanaut. This watch looks very unique, the dial is close to a square shape, but its edges are polished to a very rounded shape. The stainless steel case and rubber strap are the most loyal elements of the watch and are sporty.

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The top-up replica of the Patek Philippe fake watches AQUANAUT series of Grenade watches was first introduced by MP. Later, BP introduced a new 42mm new grenade, but the movement was not properly modified due to its simple enlargement of the case size. The case does not match and there are more problems. Immediately after the MP introduced the V2 upgrade version, it has been improved in all aspects. What made the watchers most impressed before was the PF’s Patek Philippe replica watches sports series Nautilus watch, which has the best workmanship version in the market and is loved by watch fans.
This watch brings PF to the original Nautilus based on the original Nautilus. This Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series grenade watch has once again created a higher-tech perfect watches Patek Philippe watch for everyone to enjoy.

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The top production process, the dial diameter is 40mm, the thickness is the same as the original version of the ultra-thin 9.5mm, the movement uses the imported 9015 automatic mechanical movement homemade original Cal.324SC automatic movement, the disk design is a simple big three-needle + calendar structure The date display function is set at 3 o’clock. The scale is marked by the number and the double-layer structure of the stud on the panel,fake Patek Philippe watches and the luminous filling effect is adopted. The double-sided mirror is made of real sapphire crystal glass, and all the details are exquisitely crafted and exquisite.

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The PP grenade is made of highly polished and satin-finished, so the case is slightly rounded and octagonal, with an embossed black dial, stylish yet restrained. The Arabic numerals and rectangular scales are all white, and a small calendar window is displayed at 3 o’clock.

Patek Philippe Replica-asx
This watch features a classic three-needle design, and the sword-shaped hands and time-scale scales are coated with luminous materials, without fear of darkness. The front bezel has been brushed,Patek Philippe replica watches and the dial does not look like a strap, but more like the globe’s sphere, which draws inspiration from many aspects.

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Its square black embossed dial is adjacent to the calendar window, creating a stylish and beautiful look. In addition, the watch is equipped with sapphire crystal glass lens, which is anti-scratch and anti-reflective. PP Grenade is suitable for watch fans who are low-key and pursue quality and elegance.

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The crown features a classic screw-in waterproof crown with a replica Patek Philippe watches classic engraved logo on the side of the head. The case side case material is 316L stainless steel, with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 9.5mm. The sides are polished and they are very delicate under the illumination of the light, and they are very light when worn.

Patek Philippe Replica-akb
The movement is designed with a back movement and the back movement is at a glance. In addition, the Cal.324SC automatic mechanical movement modified by the 9015 movement is equipped with precise and stable travel time.
The buckle features a very elegant double-folding clasp. When the metal parts on both sides are completely closed, Patek Philippe replicas for sale signature ‘Calatrava’ cross bas-relief is formed. This detail also reflects the watch’s careful design and is made of 316 steel. The logo above is clear, the edges are smooth and textured, and the overall look is beautiful.

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The PF Factory Patek Philippe best replica watches Grenade watch strap is made of imported rubber strap, which has extremely high flexibility and very good durability and corrosion resistance.
Summary: The Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series of grenade watches can be used as a formal watch to attend business events or as a casual watch. It is a beautiful watch with a variety of styles and unique styles, and PF has the essence of reducing the original version.fake watches Very cost-effective price, the favorite watch friends can wear and play, try!

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