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It was the 50th anniversary Replica Omega Planet Ocean seamaster james bond 007 Skyfall watch launched from 2012. Some of you felt that it was missing the mark with its “007” and dial equipped rotor bullet sleeve. It would seem Omega Replica has taken a step back and exercised a thoughtful restraint with their new attempt at a Bond theme watch. You’d be hard-pressed to spot the bond connection at a glance, which you can find at, where else, but 7 o’clock.

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The new 007 movie “007 Spectrum” was so hot, and as the partner,FakeĀ  Omega Ocean Planet seamaster replica james have launched the new 007 watch: Seamaster 300 Omega Master Co-Axial 41mm, But in this post I will not not to introduce this new Omega replica watches 007 watch, I will make an opinion on the Omega Seamaster Ocean Planet 007 Skyfall watch, and introduce the replica AAA Omega 007 Skyfall watch at

The Bond Clues can be found in a few places. Most notable is the applied logo “007” at 7 o’clock, which integrates into the dial without feeling forced. Adorning the rotor of the movement is an insignia engraved “Skyfall 007”, which is neither here nor there, but that it does not interfere with the view on the movement of 8507 looking aggressive. In addition, the bracelet clasp sees the addition of the “007” logo to keep the Omega perfect watches symbol company.

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This watch is worth a closer look for a few reasons. The 8507 coaxial movement is easily comparable to anything else in this price range, and it seems to start business. The case is just 42mm in size, and the inset ceramic bezel brings an even smaller touch. If you’ve been near any replica Omega watches recently, you know how incredible the lume is. Add in this great line and you have a pretty tempting package, Bond fan or not.

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