VS factory Panerai Replica 616 independent research and development upgrade V2 movement brand new attack

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Panerai originated from the Italian military tradition. Since the birth of the 1860s, it has continued its unremitting pursuit of precision manufacturing. It is 100% Italian and reflects the style of the royal family. The Panerai Replica watch always regards sports and leisure elements as the main style of its watch development. It always integrates the image of the sea of the Italian Royal Navy into the design of the watch. It is smart, wide and full of enthusiasm.

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Top version! VS factory Replica Panerai 616 P9000 independent research and development upgrade V2 movement New arrival! Main upgrade movement function:

1. V1 hour hand can’t be adjusted separately. V2 version upgrade time hand can be adjusted separately. Upgrade is consistent with genuine

2, V1 calendar can be quickly adjusted, V2 version upgrade through hour hand adjustment

3, the movement design is closer, the similarity is over 95%

4, shell upgrade: using hydraulic technology, satin carbon fiber is more tough and not easy to collapse.
5, the appearance of the texture upgrade: carbon fiber texture up to 3 kinds of lines Upgrade and the same as the genuine.

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Glass guard bridge, sapphire glass, everyone knows that sapphire has super anti-scratch. This style has arched guard bridge. It is also one of the characteristics of fake Panerai to protect the crown at all times, fully demonstrating the Panerai brand. Innovative technologies and watchmaking concepts that have been unique in the past. The circle is decorated with round studs and delicate scallops, and the diving scale is engraved.

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The circle has a ceramic texture. The treatment is clean and neat, there is no extra burr, the forged carbon surface is consistent with the original, the 5 times macro-magnification carbon fiber bezel has similar bamboo charcoal holes, this material history has never been used in the watchmaking process,replica Panerai watches making a shell After spending more than 10 hours of polishing, I can imagine how difficult it can be.

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The strap is made of a very cool and stylish rubber strap. The pleats can also be extended. Many people may not know why this is so designed. When the knight is diving, it is easy to wear and when it encounters water pressure, it is easy to shrink. And extended. The strap is designed with Panerai replica watches classic lightning bolts, and the tape is also VS exclusive mold opening.

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Luminous coating, Panerai perfect watches pam616 carbon fiber VS super luminous “speed and passion 8” Jushi Qiangsen with the same paragraph, black dial, with embedded super luminous Arabic numerals 12 and 6 highlight the atmosphere. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock and the small seconds at 9 o’clock.
The bottom cover is sealed, the bottom of the case is a regular 12-sided composite bottom cover, the bottom cover part is made of titanium alloy bottom cover, and the DLC technology is black. The bottom cover is engraved with a slow torpedo mark. When the bottom cover is opened, a layer of steel inner ring is also found at the bottom of the bottom cover. This is designed to enhance the waterproof effect.

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Movement P9000 upgraded movement, 1, hour and hour can be adjusted separately,Panerai replicas for sale adjust the calendar through the hour hand. 2, the appearance upgrade similarity of 95% no longer have to worry about back. 3. The balance pinion will operate independently.

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