VS factory Omega Replica butterfly flying 8500 movement bright blue multi-picture evaluation

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Recently, VS Omega Replica dish fly bright blue officially launched, about the Omega bright blue replica version, whether it is the earliest V6 factory, or 18 years 3S factory have a very fatal shortcoming: the movement of a fake. As a back-to-back movement BUG is too obvious, so many friends who love this paragraph can only stay away from it. Technology is always innovating. We can’t look at development from a static perspective. Since the VS factory has conquered the Omega Replica integrated 8500 movement in 2018, it has been passing through five levels and will continue to expand most models with 8500 movements. , Hippocampus 300, Hippocampus 600, Ocean Universe, etc. This time we finally ushered in this “bright blue”

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Dial: the color is consistent, the font and the overall effect are consistent with the original; the nails, the hoe and the window are all processed with the imported material batch flower nail cnc,Omega best replica watches the slanted surface draws the seven colors, and the texture is invincible. The extremely fine sanding process plus electroplated platinum treatment is comparable to the original.

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The diameter of the 41mm dial is more suitable for the trend of the popular big dial. The factory has purchased the genuine mold, which is to win the market share. We know that this watch has sss factory and v6 factory before, but with the technical strength of vs and the strong advantage of the movement, I think that in the high-end market of this watch, except for the vs factory, other factories can only drink soup. .

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The whole case of the case is made of 316L stainless steel CNC. It is also unique and different from the traditional case. It uses a whole piece of glass as the main body of the case, that is, the ‘360 degree perspective watch body’ Glass,Omega replicas for sale we can clearly appreciate the outline of the movement, which can only be seen by opening the case. This design makes this watch more technical and mechanical, and also echoes the bright blue. bright

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The VS Fake Omega series is based on the self-produced 8500 calibre, regardless of the balance position, balance size, balance color, double T-type shock absorber, splint-polished lettering, jewel bearing position, automatic turret lettering including The internal structure of the whole movement is layered in the same way as the original. The era of backing through Omega replica watches has been terminated by VS’s powerful self-produced movement. This movement not only made a breakthrough in appearance, but also realized the same as the original. The way to adjust.

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Strap, buckle: VS strap is divided into two types, one is the steel belt 316L steel, and the other is the crocodile leather strap, and the buckle is the best to reflect the details of VS,replica Omega watches and expand After the original and the same polished polishing treatment, exquisite and excellent.

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Overall, through the above detailed comparison, it can be seen that this VS factory Omega perfect watches dish fly bright blue is made by the original open mold, in terms of appearance, whether it is size or dial color, or nails, pointer processing, etc., all reach the top. The craft level, and the internal movement is the VS factory self-developed 8500 one movement, this movement completely surpasses all versions in performance and workmanship.

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