ZF factory new technology Wan Guo ceramic pilot series Fake IWC389002 watch detailed explanation

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The pilot’s watch has always been known for its excellent quality, high quality, and exquisite value. It is a watch that the table friends are talking about. Speaking of TOP GUN, many people should first think of Tom Cruise’s 1986 movie “Top Gun TOP GUN”. In fact, the real origin of this name is the “fighter tactical instructor provided by the US Naval Fighter Defense School.” “Special training course (Top Gun). In 2007, the watch named “TOP GUN Naval Air Force” joined the IWC Replica pilot watch series. Its name is derived from the legendary special training course for fighter pilots – “Top Gun”. The series has won wide acclaim since its launch. In 2016, IWC added a new work to the Top gun series, which is the pilot series TOP GUN Naval Air Combat Force MIRAMAR chronograph.

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Let’s take a look at the black technology ZF factory 10,000 national pilot series TOP GUN naval air combat unit MIRAMAR chronograph watch glory appearance.

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The ceramic case with a diameter of 44 and a thickness of 16.5 mm is soft and stable in texture. Lighter, more scratch resistant and more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel cases.Replica IWC The atmosphere and tough temperament of the watch are perfectly interpreted. On the smoky grey dial, the avant-garde red hour circle and the outer minute circle break the traditional display, highlighting the unique style of the watch and increasing readability. The dial design is clearer and clearer by the single date display. The timed record between 1 minute and 12 hours is displayed in a separate small dial at the “12 o’clock” position, making timing and reading easy and convenient. The central chronograph second hand measures the time measured within one minute. With the flyback function, press the reset button, the chronograph hands can be instantly zeroed, and a new round of timing can be started.

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The whole watch is made of ceramic shell, and the sapphire mirror is coated with blue film, which looks strong in texture. The white luminous hands and scales are matched with a black dial.fake IWC The small dial at the “12 o’clock” position has the same reading time as the normal reading time. The small seconds at 6 o’clock also The red pointer design makes it easy to read, which is good-looking and practical.

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The overall scale of the dial is evenly and without dragging. The font size is the same as the original. The Swiss luminous paint on the scale and the pointer has good performance in brightness and durability,iwc best replica watches making the night meter more accurate and clear.

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There are three titanium crowns and chronograph buttons on the side (instead of white steel on the market): the top is the flyback timing (start/return), the middle is the screw-in crown,IWC fake watches and the bottom is the chronograph stop button. . The practical and powerful features make this watch full of charm. And the ceramic outer ring is consistent with the original material, which can be interchanged with genuine.

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The movement automatic timing 7750 movement is based on the original IWC89361 movement. The diameter and thickness are the same, realizing all the functions of the genuine movement, the 6-point small second hand is attached to the stop device,iwc replica watches and the 12-hour position displays the accumulated hourly accurate minute time in the reading mode. The debugging method is also synchronized with the original.

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The watch is paired with a black soft strap and is more stylish and comfortable with the titanium clasp. This strap is the most suitable when exercising, avoiding sweating. The buckle and the crown echo each other, and the titanium material is the same as the genuine one. The watch logo engraved on the buckle is also perfect,iwc perfect watches which can be said to be the perfect replica of the ZF factory.

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Summary: Everyone has a pilot dream, imagine that they can fly in space and walk around the river. This is why the pilot watch is so popular. Its appearance is like a powerful combat aircraft,replica IWC watches with endless power support. Wearing a hand, giving a tough and handsome feeling is a must-have weapon for men.

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