How to work in the hall of the watch VS factory fake Omega hippocampus 150 meters

Founded in 1848, Omega watches represent the extraordinary qualities of “perfect, ultimate, excellence, achievement”. Since its listing in the country, Omega Replica has consistently ranked first in sales due to its precise timing, stylish appearance and high durability. In 2002, Omega added a new member to the hippocampus family and gave it the name “Aqua Terra”. These two words mean water and earth. They not only describe the whole life of human life, but also give inspiration to Omega. This is the Omega hippocampus that we know 150 meters. Many watch factories have done this watch before, but both Unsatisfactory, today I will introduce you to this VS factory Replica Omega hippocampus AQUA TERRA 150-meter series gold needle captain, let us look at how to work.

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There are 7 styles of hippocampus produced by VS. The first batch of VS factory has 4 styles: gold needle captain, bumblebee, blue and black face!

The overall quality of the team leader is very delicate and beautiful, the classic big three-pin design,Omega replica watches sapphire mirror, and anti-glare blue surface! The size of 41.5MM is suitable for most wrists.

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VS Omega hippocampus 150 meters gold needle captain overall texture of the naked eye can feel, diameter 41.5mm size is very suitable for different wrists, the mirror with sapphire glass anti-glare blue film mirror, not only reflect the soft light,fake Omega watches and can be no All the details in the gap check dial are still the classic three-pin design, the arrow pointer, the vertical stripes of the dial, the visually elegant, adhering to the consistent design style of the hippocampus series.

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The dial is equipped with a triangular hour scale, the hour scale is rhodium-plated, the window date is at three o’clock,best replica watches the outer mark is marked with red transfer and blue Arabic numerals for 5 minutes, and the watch is equipped with blue arched hour and minute hands. The 18K gold-plated second hand has a variety of color elements and is in sharp contrast to the silver dial.

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You can see the blue of the minute hand and the hour hand, not the blue pointer used in the previous version, the blue steel needle used by the VS factory,Omega replicas for sale and the blueness between the edge and the middle is different. The change of light blue also changes with the three-dimensional triangular scale, polished steel brushed, and then rhodium-plated, three-dimensional and texture gloss, in the light to the extreme! LOGO is also printed with stereo ink, which is full of luster!

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The side case is medium in thickness, with sharp edges and corners, and the cut surface on the bezel is exquisite and finely polished.replica Omega watches The brushed metal design on the case reveals a strong metallic feel, and the men’s tough style is well represented, and it can also cover the scratches created in the wear. As a professional diving watch, the screw-in gear steel crown is finely polished and feels very good. The top of the crown is engraved with the symbol “Ω” of Omega. The superb treatment of the details highlights the high-end craftsmanship of Fake Omega watchmaking. .

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The back sapphire crystal case back, the steel around the bottom cover is polished and polished, and the fine details of the inner movement are unobstructed. This watch is equipped with a VS’s own 8500 integrated movement, which is no longer the structure of the previous movement and deck. It is not only more beautiful,perfect watches but also has a thinner movement and more stable and precise performance. After careful grinding and milling, the texture of the movement is very beautiful and beautiful, and the fonts printed on it are also very clear and bright.

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Look at the chain below, the work of the steel belt is polished and delicate! The inner and outer sides of the steel bracelet are brushed and polished. Omega’s LOGO also uses a laser engraving process.Omega replica watches It is not an ordinary version of the original engraving. This will make the LOGO clearer and the edges will not have burrs.

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Summary: This VS factory Omega fake watches hippocampus AQUATERRA 150-meter series gold needle captain contains a stylish appearance, precise travel time, high durability and cost-effective, practicality is even more outstanding. This replica version of VS perfectly reproduces all the essence of authentic quality, plus the price of very close to the people, it is definitely a cost-effective

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